golf miniday


Nothing beats the stress of a busy week like coming home to a smack on the lips and a cuddle from your dog.  But we know such welcomes are often tinged with guilt, because you’re rushing out again and not including them!  This leaves you anxiously facing the dilemma of where to find free time to occupy, exercise and love your loyal friend.  We can help you to erase all guilt!

  • Our miniday vouchers, available to purchase in packages of three, give up to 5 hours leisure time without the worry of leaving your dog alone at home
  • Allow yourself a game of golf, visit to the gym, spa day, shopping trip or time out for a coffee with friends, knowing your dog is happy
  • We get to know your dog first, then leave it to us to take care of them with play focused exercise in natural places like woodland, hills, park and beaches
  • We’ll even organise to pick up from home and drop back to suit your plans.

So, next time a hectic week includes busy leisure plans you’ll have no reason to consider leaving those sad eyes behind.  To give your dog a great time and yourself some leisure freedom all you need to do is register as a member of Pet Life Balance, then you’ll never again say ‘I can’t do it, what about the dog?’