Susan Smith, Director / Pet Mentor

Susan is our cat lady. She’s loving and living with cats every day of her life. Her ability to understand cat behaviour is instinctive. She has homed and fostered numerous stray and rescued cats and never shied away from working with the most complex and challenging feline behaviours. Susan understands how cats tick. Intuitively she gives cats moments of space and respectful recognition of individual traits to bring their personalities out. She has completed a certified course in Animal First Aid and is aiming to study diploma level certification accredited by the Pet Education and Training Council.

With a career in human resources at senior level, Susan understands the complexity of working whilst maintaining a happy pet family at home. She provides our pet parent members with the ultimate commitment to ensure their cats are cared for and loved. Most of all she’s dedicated to keeping cats in her care totally comfortable and relaxed until homecoming and handover.

Susan has an MSc in Human Resources Management and is a Corporate Member of the Institute of Personnel and Development.


Jane Ulke, Director / Pet Mentor

Jane is the typical middle sister. She’s self-appointed chief planner and organiser, and she keeps things running smoothly! She plans our logistics, being your first point of contact on care plans and weekly schedules. Nonetheless, should anything get in the way of her daily routine of care for her dogs there is no question of compromise.

Jane has owned dogs all of her life, apart from a brief spell when business demands made it difficult to manage. Her joy is being able to turn this problem into a positive by offering services to enable other pet parents to manage keeping their pets well and happy, no matter what life throws up. Jane is excited to blend her professional ambitions with her passion for being outdoors with her canine companions. She networks widely, gets social with breeder groups and is particularly interested in creating a high energy, prestige brand that delivers support for all types of pets and their pet parents.

Jane has a career in marketing at a senior level, is a Fellow of The Marketing Society and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing, qualified DipMCIM.




Pauline Murray / Pet Mentor

In common with her sisters Pauline has excellent communication skills, an excellent animal knowledge and the ability to foster strong relationships with pet parents and families. She has a natural empathy and command with dogs of all kinds and is an excellent listener when problems need to be faced and resolved. Pauline’s core responsibility is providing high quality dogcare along with professionally accredited dog training services.

Pauline knows well the pressures of a busy family home life.  She’s spent many years caring for a menagerie of pets whilst being a mother to 3 boys.  She has a particular interest in animal behaviour and has embarked upon study to enhance her experience to date.

Pauline’s expertise in animal health, nutrition and welfare is complimented by her career background. She is a qualified Occupational Therapist, has recently obtained a certificate in Pet First Aid and is soon to be fully qualified in dog training and behavior accredited by the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT).