1. Pet Life Balance Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions set out below provide an agreement between ‘you’ the ‘owner’ and ‘Pet Life Balance Limited.’

2. Registration Assessment

Pet Life Balance will only provide services to pet owners and their pets after careful discussion, assessment and agreement to award life-long membership. Pet Life Balance member owners are required to complete a registration assessment questionnaire about their pet. During consideration of services, and following completion of registration assessment, Pet Life Balance will make an appointment to meet for a detailed assessment with owner and pet. This is usually conducted within the owner’s home and ensures services are tailored to owner and pet’s needs. This meeting provides us with essential information about: the pet, care instructions and services required. Once accepted as a member of Pet Life Balance the owner is able to book daycare, petsitting and staycare as well as having access to upgrades, offers and wider services.

3. Pet Age and Life-Stage

Pet Life Balance welcomes dogs, cats or other pets of any age and life-stage. Dogs attending daycare must be in good health for their age, especially if elderly. Prior to awarding an owner membership, dogs will be assessed and matched to a ‘companion group’ (a carefully selected group, supervised by a Pet Mentor) to suit their breed, confidence, energy levels and life-stage. Very young dogs (under six months) will be assessed to ensure they can cope with the daycare/ staycare environment, travel safely and adapt to necessary changes in routines.

Pet Life Balance does not recommend leaving kittens alone for extended periods. For cat petsitting in your home, young cats will be assessed to ensure they are able to cope with the change in routines.

4. Vaccination Requirements for Dogs (Daycare/ Staycare)

Pet Life Balance require any owner using daycare and staycare services to provide proof that their pet has relevant vaccinations, or, approved test procedures, with booster vaccinations, administered appropriately, normally following a twelve monthly cycle.

For dogs this normally includes initial core injections (including parvovirus, leptospirosis, hepatitis, distemper) followed by annual boosters. As dogs will be socialising in close proximity, Pet Life Balance also recommends vaccination for kennel cough (infectious tracheobronchitis, parainfluenza). For effective protection from kennel cough, dogs should be vaccinated at least 14 days’ prior to using services. Prior to using daycare and staycare services a copy of the pet’s vaccination record must be obtained from your vet and a copy provided to Pet Life Balance to keep on record. You, the owner, will be responsible for planning timely booster vaccinations and informing Pet Life Balance of dates of the annual booster.

5. Medical Health

The registration assessment questionnaire requires the owner to confirm the pet is in good health and to advise Pet Life Balance of any previous or current medical conditions. You must inform Pet Life Balance of any potentially contagious conditions for example, eye infection, cough or stomach upset, as infections can easily spread to other pets in care. If Pet Life Balance is made aware of any conditions, where possible, they can take appropriate actions. When services are being used it is the responsibility of you, the owner, to inform Pet Life Balance of any changes in health or condition of a pet in care.

Pet Life Balance strongly recommends ongoing preventative treatments for all pets in care, as relevant. This includes regular flea and worm control treatments for dogs and cats. Pet Life Balance reserves the right to administer treatment to any pet in care found to be infected with fleas or worms, particularly those booked for staycare. You, the owner, will be responsible for any expenses and payment for the products used to treat your pet. Specific instructions, product preferences or treatment plan preferences will be discussed with you during membership assessment.

6. Administration of Medication

If you, the owner, indicate at point of registration assessment (or any other time) that there is a requirement for Pet Life Balance to administer medication for your pet, you will be asked to complete an additional signed agreement. This gives Pet Life Balance permission (until revoked or changed) to administer the appropriate prescribed medication, following veterinary instructions. To ensure errors do not occur, all medication must be provided within the original container(s) in which the medication has been dispensed, which should also include veterinary instructions.

7. Policy on Neutering/Spaying

Pet Life Balance recommends that dogs and bitches be neutered/spayed, following the relevant advice provided by a veterinary surgeon. This is normally planned between 6 – 12 months of age. Pet Life Balance will consider membership of unspayed bitches and entire males subject to the successful registration assessment process and additional signed agreements. If an unsprayed bitch is registered to use services you must inform us of the anticipated pattern of season, or promptly advise us of the first indications the bitch may be advancing towards season. This enables Pet Life Balance to discuss any implications or changes to your dog’s care routine. If necessary, Pet Life Balance does reserve the right to pause services whilst a bitch is in season. We will not take any responsibility for unplanned pregnancies relating to an unspayed bitch or arising from the behavior of an entire male dog.

8. Feeding Arrangements & Dietary Preferences Dogs/Cats

If you, the owner, require Pet Life Balance to feed your pet you will be asked to provide specific instructions. Pet Life Balance will do the utmost to adhere to these instructions. Food provided by you, the owner, for daycare/ staycare should be marked clearly with dog’s name, your surname and dispensing date. Food can be provided if required, this will be at additional cost which will be quoted following discussion about feeding pattern, diet and quantities. Whilst Pet Life Balance take the utmost care to follow dietary restrictions and preferences, you, the owner, acknowledge that dogs are fed in supervised companion groups and are walked off lead in the outdoor environment, therefore occasionally, may have access to alternative food types. Pet Life Balance will not take any responsibility for sickness or illness that may occur as a result of unpreventable food grazing indoors or outdoors.

For cat petsitting services you, the owner, will need to provide adequate quantities of food to cover the period of care. Should the food supply not be adequate you, the owner, acknowledge that Pet Life Balance will supply the additional amount required and you, the owner, will be invoiced the costs incurred. Any special dietary products you require Pet Life Balance to feed your cat(s) should be provided in labeled containers. If you, the owner, require Pet Life Balance to provide food for your cat(s) this will be at additional cost which will be quoted following discussion about the feeding pattern, diet and quantities.

9. Travelling With Your Pet

By accepting this agreement you accept any and all conditions, rules and regulations associated with the transport of your pet and you agree to permit Pet Life Balance to transport your pet as required to/from any necessary location, whilst acknowledging the associated risks involved.

10. General Handling and Behaviour

Pet Life Balance understands all pets have specific characteristics and personalities; perfect pets are not expected. However, Pet Life Balance must be made aware of any issues and you, the owner, must disclose any incidents of aggressive behaviour towards people or other animals that you know about. This in itself is not a barrier to using services and where possible Pet Life Balance will work with owners to resolve issues. Pet Life Balance reserve the right not to accept membership for any pet that cannot be dealt with safely in the care environment. In exceptional circumstances, Pet Life Balance reserves the right to isolate or exclude any pet where behaviour becomes unmanageable. This will be carefully handled in full consultation with you, the owner, ensuring minimum disruption or distress to your pet.

11. Operating in Public Places

Pet Life Balance exercise, play with and walk groups of dogs outdoors in natural environments including, meadowland, woodland, hillside, public parks and riversides. You, the owner, acknowledge and understand these environments are public places with associated risks and challenges and accept your dog will be open to public exposure. Every dog reacts differently to outdoor environments and unpredictable events can occur. You, the owner, acknowledge and understand there are potential risks involved for your dog when participating in group outdoor activity.

Training for pet owners, handling, coaching and generally being in the presence of dogs presents a level of risk, including but not limited to, injuries to people, property and animals due to unpredicted behaviors, object guarding, sparks of aggression, dog nips/bites to humans and potentially to other dogs (whether in our care, or dogs or other animals within public places) and the transmission of diseases from within the outdoor environment. You, the owner, acknowledge and understand there are potential risks involved for your dog whilst in Pet Life Balance care and whilst participating in any type of group activities.

12. Safety /Dog Tagging Collars and Leads

Legally, in Scotland, all dogs must wear a collar with a legible identification (ID) tag in all public areas and be chipped (from April 2016). Pet Life Balance recommends all dogs and cats are chipped for security, identification and safety reasons. For safety and identification Pet Life Balance will provide branded ID tags with details of Pet Mentor, contacts and address for any dogs in care. Your pet’s name will not appear on a Pet Life Balance ID tag.

Pet Life Balance will use a lead when dogs are being transferred from an indoor environment to a means of transport and to/from transport vehicle to planned exercise area. A harness will be fitted onto large dogs or dogs with a tendency to strain on the lead. Choke chains are never used as these can be harmful to pets. The Pet Life Balance policy is to walk dogs off the lead in ‘companion groups’ (a carefully selected group of dogs, supervised by a Pet Mentor), unless there are special circumstances or an issue with the dog, for example, a current injury, concern over recall or behaviors to correct.

13. Pet Cleanliness & Bathing

Pet Life Balance will ensure your pet is returned to your home in a suitable state of cleanliness and hygiene and as comfortable as possible, following your specific instructions. Pet Life Balance reserves the right to shower/bathe your pet if deemed necessary.

14. Our Emergency Response Policy

In the event of a pet becoming ill, or, any medical emergency occurring whilst in the care of Pet Life Balance, in the first instance, Pet Life Balance will do the utmost to contact you. If you, the owner, or alternative contact, cannot be reached, Pet Life Balance will act in your pets’ best interests and reserves the right to contact the nominated veterinary practice and if necessary, to transport the pet for treatment. In the circumstances where your veterinary practice is unavailable, Pet Life Balance reserves the right to consult with their own veterinary practice for emergency treatment. Pet Life Balance will accept the advice of a qualified veterinary surgeon with regard to any necessary treatment. You, the owner, will be responsible for all vet’s bills or any expenses incurred in the treatment of your pet.

You, the owner, acknowledge that even under close supervision accidents may occur when dogs are being walked outdoors or, during play indoors or outdoors. Pet Life Balance will always inform you of any incidents or injuries they are aware of, no matter how small. Pet Life Balance will treat any minor injuries as they happen and provide emergency care within the scope of the first aid certification in place. In the rare occurrence of a more serious injury, Pet Life Balance reserves the right to make the decision on any required veterinary intervention. In this instance Pet Life Balance will immediately contact either the owners vet, or if necessary, the Pet Life Balance veterinary practice for appropriate emergency treatment. Any vet’s bills or expenses incurred due to any of the above circumstances will be solely your responsibility; all costs will be invoiced for immediate payment.

15. Cat Petsitting Services in Your Home

Cats are temperamental, often unpredictable and it can be difficult to judge how they will adapt to a change in care routine. We will inform you at the earliest point if we believe there is any issue which is causing your cat undue stress.

In your absence it is safer for you, the owner, to restrict outdoor access for your cat(s). Pet Life Balance understands this may not be desirable for the needs of your cat(s). Pet Life Balance will agree to care for your cat (s) if they normally use a cat flap or have other access to outdoors; however, Pet Life Balance will not be held liable for the loss of any cat(s) in their care with unrestricted access outdoors.

During the registration assessment Pet Life Balance will discuss the activity patterns of your cat and will agree a specific timeframe to allow before raising concern of a missing pet. In the event of your cat being absent from home, Pet Life Balance will continue to provide the agreed level of petsitting visits until your return, or as agreed by contacting you, the owner. Should Pet Life Balance be unable to contact you, the owner, they will notify the alternative emergency contact and also the relevant authorities that your cat is missing.

Pet Life Balance will not be held liable or responsible in any way for pets left overnight during petsitting, or damage caused by pets to themselves, each other and/or any property damage caused by them, or any other third party, any illness or death occurring due to them being left for long unsupervised periods.

16. Property Care, Security and Confidentiality

For petsitting, and in most instances of daycare, you, the owner, agree to provide Pet Life Balance with keys and alarm codes for access to your property, as appropriate. Pet Life Balance will safely store and manage the access to keys and alarm codes and will keep all items securely. Pet Life Balance will only disclose access information on ‘need to know’ basis to employees of Pet Life Balance. All employees hold basic disclosure certification from Disclosure Scotland.

Pet Life Balance will not be responsible for any damage to property that is owned by you, the owner that is damaged whilst providing daycare, staycare or petsitting services in the reasonable undertaking of our duties. You acknowledge that Pet Life Balance will not be held responsible for any damage to property, home contents or grounds caused by your pet whilst in the care of Pet Life Balance.

17. Pet Life Balance Operating Terms

Pet Life Balance operates daycare and petsitting services seven days a week from Sunday to Monday between 08.00hrs to 18.30hrs. By prior agreement, Pet Life Balance will consider offering services outwith these hours; however, this will incur additional charges which can be quoted by request.

When pick up /drop back services are being used Pet Life Balance will aim to arrive at the agreed place of collection /drop back within 20 minutes either side of the given time, to take account of traffic. City centre traffic is often unpredictable, therefore, Pet Life Balance will not be responsible for any unavoidable delays outwith planned timings, nor any circumstances that may arise from being unable to meet a specified timeframe. Pet Life Balance will always keep you informed should delays occur and will do their utmost to estimate approximate pick up/ drop back times and make contingency arrangements if necessary.

Pet Life Balance is operational throughout the year for daycare /staycare including during the majority of public holidays including Easter weekend, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day. Daycare services are not available on Christmas Day. Pet Life Balance reserves the right to change operating periods and timings as necessary and will inform owner members in a timely manner, as appropriate.

Pet Life Balance understands busy lives often result in last minute changes to plans and bookings may need to be adjusted. Pet Life Balance will do the utmost to assist you, the pet owner, when changes need to be made and will allow bookings to be changed without any financial penalty within up to 48 hours prior to the confirmed date/time.

18. Payment Terms

Owner members must book in advance for the use of all services. Maxiday, miniday and petsitting credits can be purchased in packages of 3 /7 /14 credits. 3 credits is the minimum purchase at any time.

To make a booking for your pet(s) the required number of ‘top up’ credits must be purchased in advance. Once purchased maxiday credits, miniday credits or petsitting credits cannot be refunded. You, the owner, will be provided with regular updates regarding the total credits available for use of services. Any planned upgrades e.g. miniday upgrade to a maxiday, must also be paid for in advance of booking. Pet Life Balance reserves the right to cancel any booking that has been made and not paid for in advance of the booking date.

19. Confidentiality and Disclosure of Information

See privacy policy.

20. The Owner Agreement /Disclaimer

Pet Life Balance operate to high standards and take particular care to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all pets in care; however Pet Life Balance cannot be held liable for loss, injury or death of your pet. Pet Life Balance will keep you, the owner, informed at all times of the general wellbeing and behavior of your pet whilst in the care of Pet Life Balance.

You, the owner, acknowledge that Pet Life Balance will rely at all times on your understanding and the relevant provisions of this agreement and the accuracy of the information you have provided in the online registration assessment questionnaire and the registration assessment meeting. Pet Life Balance reserves the right to revoke membership at any time. You, the owner acknowledge that the information provided is complete and that material facts and all relevant circumstances have been disclosed.

Pet Life Balance is insured in accordance with the terms of their current insurance policy. Pet Life Balance reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions in accordance with any and all terms of service.

By accepting this agreement you accept any and all conditions, rules and regulations associated with the care of your pet, the indoor and outdoor activities, transport of your pet and you agree to acknowledge all of the associated risks involved.

Pet Life Balance Terms & Conditions Updated & Published: January 2016