As we grow we will be seeking the most canine connected and feline fanatic people out there to join the Pet Life Balance family.  We’ll need you already to be recognised by friends and family as having a commitment for animals beyond reason!  We don’t mind if you’re nicknamed ‘dog daft’ or a ‘crazy cat person’!  But caring for animals is only part of the picture.  We also need you to have strong empathy and connection with the people who own pets, young and old.  Our pet parents will need your positive care, support and guidance too.

You may already be working as self employed in petcare, training or behaviour and feel it’s time to be part of a wider, more supportive team. Or, you may have proven natural abilities, but had little opportunity to put your skills and energies to good use.

If this sounds like you, we could help you realise your ambitions and to make a career out of doing something you really love.  Contact us using the application form below, then when we have a need to add to our team, we will be in touch with you for a chat.