Group Capers Featuring Louis the Labradoodle!

At Pet Life Balance every visitor becomes part of our family.  Each of our pups has different characteristics, likes and dislikes, attention grabbing skills and little silly traits we know and love.

Happiest place face

Louis Happiest Place

So many places make this boy smile!  His happiest is woodland areas, when challenged to scent out a lost ball, he’s even willing to oblige for lesser able canines.  Champion at finding any ball, he’ll willingly deliver it back to the owner.  Louis is our ‘top gun’ ball hunter!

Louis’ love status

Louis Love Status 2

Everybody knows and loves Louis!  He’s a popular chap in his companion group since all play mates know he’ll attract new admirers from afar.  Louis shares his love freely unless of course Hudson is around, then he has no time to fraternise.  There’s a strong bromance going on here!

Best shake face

Louis shake face

Wow, Louis there are so many!  He likes to keep his handsome looks in shape.  And honestly, those long ears do require a frequent shaking off to dry out and remove less than cool ear decoration!

Most fun game

Louis Happy Place Game
Best ever is playing ball, especially in water.  He’s working on a new beach game he’s called ‘kickback ball’.  He buries the ball in sand or shore, or better still, in the water.  Then he furiously kicks to spin the ball from front legs to back legs with a frenzied flip.  If the ball doesn’t actually go through his back legs, it’s no goal, then he starts again.  This game is known to last longer than the premier league!

Gentleman or scamp?

DSC01886 - Version 3

Ha! Definitely a bit of both.  Around the girls, he’s protective and kind.  He patiently puts up with their every demand.  He always offers ‘love me eyes’, but still waits his turn, even at treat time.  However, Louis the scamp sets free when there’s pampering to be had, especially in the line up for towel rubs.  His nifty head nudge on the human butt reminds us he’s ready for attention!

Don’t tell mum moments!

IMG_3467 - Version 2

Louis loves his ‘special’ ball.  But which one?  He decides this on the spur of the moment. If the ‘special one’ is out of reach he quietly sneaks into position, gets closer and closer then pow! Magically it’s his.  Nothing wrong with that you’d argue.  Unless the ball was placed in the middle of a desk with access requiring agile chair scaling, bumping files and paws where they should never be seen!

We forgave him – but only the once! 🙂

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