“Animals know that the ultimate point of life is to enjoy it” Samuel Butler

As children, when times were hard we made happiness by surrounding ourselves with pets and opening our hearts to animals all around. From the earliest moments, we were hard wired to care for every misguided bug, stray cat or dog, displaced nesting birds, tortoise (with 3 legs) and any other abandoned animal in need.

Fast forward to today and we share many years’ success within our individual careers in business, marketing and healthcare. One of us became a mum, pausing career to concentrate on raising three amazing boys. Wherever life has taken us we’ve fulfilled our family need to have pets around us day to day. We have always been known as a family of self confessed animal addicts!

We’ve been lucky to have each other to help support in the care of our pets whilst handling busy careers and family demands. We trust in each other. We share many experiences through which our knowledge in pet care has developed. Over the years we’ve rescued many pets and made them balanced, healthy and happy – our animal family has always come first.

“As sisters we enjoy our differences, we share our experiences and we make our mark whenever we’re together.”

So, how did Pet Life Balance start? We noticed friends and neighbours increasingly seeking us out to help with dog or cat care, asking us for opinions and advice on issues like feeding, wellbeing and training. So we decided to do what we do best by offering our services to other pet parents. Most importantly, everyday we’re doing what makes us really happy.

We’ve created Pet Life Balance to bring our special personal touch to pet care. For us, looking after pets and their pet parents is just a natural way of being. We have masses of energy and commitment to give to the pets we care for. We wish to share something extra with people like us, those who regard their pets as part of family life and intuitively seek out the highest level of care to make their pets happy.

“We believe all pet parents deserve the peace of mind we’ve experienced during busy or challenging times in our lives.”