Six Things to Consider Before Getting a Cat


There are many mature cats in shelters that given the chance, would make great life-long pets. They may have been well cared for but the owner is not able to cope anymore or has sadly died, some may have had a pretty awful time. I re-homed two older cats, whilst well cared for; their quality of life was not great. Introducing them to my cats has been a rewarding and interesting experience which means living with my cat family is always eventful!

If you consider re-homing a cat, beyond kitten stage, you will gain a better impression of their character and will get more information on any behavior and wellbeing issues to expect. You will also have all the benefits of their energy, playfulness and surprise at new experiences and you can watch them develop.

It’s really not difficult for kittens to find homes so please think about all the adult cats that are waiting to be cared for, the often difficult experiences they have been through and the difference you could make to their lives – and they to yours.

In this guide there are six things to consider before getting a cat.

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